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Here on the Country Aircheck Job Board you'll find a variety of Jobs Available and Positions Sought. These free listings are to help professionals looking for employees or those seeking work in radio, records and allied industries. The lists are continuously updated and ranked chronologically, with the most recent postings at the top. All positions are EOE.

Each listing will stay active for up to three months from the posting date; extensions are furnished upon request.


Cactus Jack

Former Entercom/Phoenix Dir./Production



Tony Kelly

Former WUSN/Chicago morning producer



Greg Cole

Former WKCQ/Saginaw, MI OM/PD



Jonathan West

Former WKTI/Milwaukee afternoons



Doug Dodds

Former ZFKY/Grand Cayman PD/morning host


Marc Lavik (aka Dave Marcus)

Former on-air talent



Denis "Catfish" Miller

Former KSNI/Santa Maria, CA afternoon host


Cory Mikhals

Former KIZN/Boise morning co-host


"Big" John Horton

Former KFSA/Ft. Smith, AR afternoon host


Kris Richards

Former WKJO/Smithfield, NC afternoons


AJ McCloud

Former WWFF/Huntsville, AL APD/afternoons



Kristin Monica

Former WQNU/Louisville APD/mornings


Mac Daniels

Former KPLX & KSCS/Dallas PD


Dave Schaefer

Former iHeartMedia/Farmington, NM SVPP & Country KTRA PD


Brittany Tully

Former WYNK/Baton Rouge PD


Steve Knoll

Former KMAG/Ft. Smith, AR PD/on-air talent


Bill Hickok

Former KBMR/Bismark, ND morning host


Amy Nic

Former WAMZ/Louisville afternoon host


Ron "Keyes" Stevens

Former WQRB/Eau Claire, WI afternoon host


Scott Davidson

Former WHOF-HD2/Canton, OH PD/on-air host


Trace Hamilton

Former WEBG/Chicago night host


Daryl Thomas Ledyard

Former WBBS/Syracuse on-air talent


Ryan McCall

Former WGLR/Platteville, WI MD/afternoons


David Dean

Former KXDD/Yakima, WA afternoons



Former WUSN/Chicago afternoons and


Brian "Wookie" Kostek

Former WDSY/Pittsburgh APD/MD/afternoons


Chuck Edwards

Former WYCD/Detroit mornings


Terry Phillips

Former Entercom/Detroit Dir./Creative Services


Bernadette Gibbons

Former Entercom/New York Coord./Promotions


Blair Thomas

Former WXCY/Wilmington, DE mornings


Brad King

Former WBYT/South Bend, IN APD/MD/middays and here


Dr. Don Carpenter

Former WYCD/Detroit mornings


Jake Byron

Former KUPL/Portland mornings


Adam Rondeau

Former WCVL/Charlottesville, VA mornings


Corey Dillon

Former KNUC/Seattle afternoons/Social Media Mgr.


Guy David

Former KYGO/Denver mornings

Agent: David Brody, 877-888-1267


Jeff Hunt

Former WXCY/Wilmington, DE MD/evenings



Brent Jones

Former Capitol Dir./Midwest Promotion



Kim Brixton

Former WNWN/Battle Creek, MI mornings/middays


Mark McKay

Former Riser House Dir./Southeast Promotion


Fletcher Keyes

Former WWQM/Madison, WI PD


Steve Richards

Former Townsquare/Albany, NY OM



Jody Wheatley

Former WQMX/Akron MD/Promotions Dir.


Kelley Bradshaw-Brock

Former WKDF/Nashville afternoons



Tim Taylor

Former KWJJ/Portland afternoons


Ginny Harman

Former KFRG/Riverside mornings


Nina D.

Former KMLE/Phoenix afternoons


Erin Austin

Former KILT/Houston Asst. MD/middays


Amber Rainey

Former KSON/San Diego middays


Jared “Marshall” Goldberg

Former KMLE/Phoenix APD/middays & Cluster Dir./Digital Programming


Tami Rumfelt

Former WPAW/Greensboro afternoons


Mike Allan

Former WNSH/New York nights


Darlene Evans

Former WKIS/Miami middays


Nathan Cruise

Former In2une Dir./Regional Promotion



Mark “Skid” Lavin

Former WOTW/Orlando Dir./Production & On-Air



“Wes McShay” Gardipe

Former Appaloosa Dir./Western Region Programming



JD Justice

Former KCTO/Duluth, MN Brand Mgr./mornings


Nicholas Nixon

Former KFRG/Riverside personality



Kerry Wolfe

Former WMIL/Milwaukee SVPP & PD



Chase Daniels

Former WRWD/Poughkeepsie, NY PD/afternoons


Keith Abrams

Former iHeartMedia/Cleveland OM


Mark Lillie

Former iHeartMedia/Farmington, NM Cluster PD



Mike McKay

Former WQRB/Eau Claire, WI Brand Mgr./mornings


Jimmy Elliott

Former WOVK/Wheeling, WV WPP/PD/MD/mornings


JJ Cook

Former iHeartMedia/Cedar Rapids, IA SVPP


Jim O’Hara

Former iHeartMedia/Quad Cities, IA SVPP & Country WLLR PD/on-air


Steve Powers

Former iHeartMedia/Mobile, AL SVPP


Jim Dorman

Former iHeartMedia/Wichita SVPP & Country KZSN PD/middays


Eddie Rupp

Former iHeartMedia/Sarasota, FL SVPP/OM & Country WCTQ middays


Mike Rowe

Former WAMZ/Louisville nights


Mike Tyler

Former WCKT/Ft. Myers, FL PD/afternoons


Amy Lynn

Former WCKT/Ft. Myers, FL middays


Jake McBride

Former KKIX/Fayetteville, AR afternoons


Bill “Stu” Stewart

Former KASH/Anchorage, AK PD/morning co-host


Doug Kramer

Former KHLR/Little Rock, AR mornings


Ashley King

Former KHLR/Little Rock, AR afternoons


Matt Cruz

Former KSSN/Little Rock, AR on-air/promotions


Jeremy “Otis” Maher

Former WUBL/Atlanta MD/afternoons


Katie Green

Former WRJY/Brunswick, GA middays


Claire Beverly

Former KNUC/Seattle mornings


Bryant “Ryder” Konold

Former KNUC/Seattle mornings


Jess Tyler

Former WOKQ/Portsmouth, NH Brand Mgr./MD/middays


Mark Phillips

Former KPLX/Dallas afternoons



Nancy Ryan

Former WRBT/Harrisburg, PA mornings

Seeker Spotlight

Keith Abrams

Former iHeartMedia/Cleveland OM

Connect via LinkedIn here.

“My years of experience and ability to get the most from talent while making brands ‘sing’ and being a good partner to sales gives me a rather unique skillset. My strongest personal skill is having a logical, smart, calm approach to my responsibilities.”

Available Jobs


            Summit KFDI/Wichita OM Justin Case is searching for a morning co-host. See the complete posting here; send résumés and airchecks to Case here.

            MacDonald WKCQ/Saginaw, MI OM/PD Jason Addams is looking to add a full-time on-air personality for nights. Send résumés and airchecks to him here.

            Midwest/Evansville, IN OM Aaron Santini is seeking a Prod. Asst./on-air talent for the cluster that includes Country WLYD. Send cover letters, résumés and airchecks to him here.

            Townsquare KOEL/Waterloo, IA PD/morning host Johnny Marks is looking for a morning co-host who is “social media savvy and regularly contributes content to the station’s website and social media account. See the complete job description and apply here.

            Saga Classic Country WYXY/Champaign, IL PD Kurtis Allen is seeking an afternoon personality. Send résumés and cover letters to him here.

            Steel City/Kansas City is searching for a Chief Engineer for the cluster that includes Country KBEQ & KFKF. Interested candidates can send résumés here confidentially. 

            White River WKKG/Columbus, IN Programming Coord. Brad Jackson is seeking a PD/morning host with solid social media chops. See the complete job description here; send résumés and airchecks to Jackson here.

            Midwest Classic Country WWDK/Lansing, MI OM Terry Stevens is looking for a Brand Mgr. who can also handle oversight of Rhythmic AC sister WQTX. See the complete job posting here; send résumés, cover letters, production samples and airchecks here.



            Forever WFGI/Johnstown, PA is seeking a full-time morning co-host. Send résumés, airchecks and salary requirements here.

            WVRC WKKW/Morgantown, WV PD Mike Vincent is searching for part-time on-air talent for weekend and fill-in positions. Send résumés and airchecks to him here.

            Alpha/Fredericksburg, VA is looking for a Market Mgr. for the cluster, which includes Country WFLS. Interested candidates can see a complete job description and apply here.



            Cumulus WKAK/Albany, GA PD Bill Dollar is looking for an afternoon personality/Production Dir. Apply here.

            Saga/Gainesville-Ocala, FL GM Howard Tuuri is looking for a Dir./Promotions for Country WOGK & Classic Rock sister WYND. Send résumés to him here.

            ADX WYCT/Pensacola OM Kevin King is seeking a full-time midday talent with additional duties that may include promotions and on-air work for sister stations within the cluster. Interested candidates can send résumés and airchecks here.



Townsquare KQBR/Lubbock, TX Brand Mgr. Lance Ballance is seeking an APD/on-air personality to succeed Jan Miller. Send résumés and airchecks to him here.

Cox Country Format Leader & Country KKBQ/Houston PD Johnny Chiang is searching for a midday personality for KKBQ to succeed Christi Brooks. Complete job description and application here.

Cumulus KSCS/Dallas PD Mike Preston is seeking a midday personality who loves country music; knows the Texas lifestyle; executes a fun, engaging, interactive show; is a social media creator and contributor; and is willing to take on additional programming assignments as needed. Complete job description and application here.

Champlin/Oklahoma City GM Kevin Waltman is looking for a Brand Mgr. for the group that includes Classic Country KNAH. Send résumés to him here.



West Coast

            Badlands/Rapid City, SD is searching for a GM/DOS who can build, train and motivate a team for the cluster that includes Country KRKI. Interested parties can send résumés and references here.

            Frontier/Juneau, AK GM Cherie Curry is seeking an OM/PD/on-air talent for the cluster that includes Country KTKU. Send résumés with references and an aircheck to Curry here.

Entercom is now searching for a Regional Dir./Promotions for the Mountain Region, including DenverLas Vegas and Phoenix markets. The position will manage all promotions and related activity for all brands in the region, including Country KMLE/Phoenix. See the complete job description and apply here.

Ruby Radio/Elko, NV owner Ken Sutherland is seeking a “utility jock to work multiple formats,” including Country KBGZ. Send résumés and airchecks here.



            Cherry Creek Media Group PD Mark Elliott is searching for experienced OMs and PDs for future openings. The company’s Country properties include KAAR/Butte, MT; KCIN & KIYK/St. George, UT; KMON/Great Falls, MT; KGGL/Missoula, MT; KKXK/Montrose, MT; KWCD/Sierra Vista, AZ; KYSN/Wenatchee, WA; KYYZ/Williston, ND; and Classic Country KMON-AM/Great Falls, MT. Candidates with a minimum of three-to-five years of experience and a background in programming multiple formats in small to medium sized markets can send résumés, airchecks and programming philosophies to Elliott here.

            RWPC Pres. JJ Jobe is looking for a hands-on GM for a small Southeast market. Send cover letters and résumés to him here.