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"This is something you dream up that you're not sure is possible, so you question if you should even pursue it.” 



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CRS 2016 Daily Buzz (2/8)

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» Living Here In Allen's Town: Newly minted ColumbiaSVPP Shane Allen calls the label "one of the most iconic music brands in the business." He ought to know, coming over from Capitol, where he played a big role in years of chart-share dominance. As reported earlier in our Breaking News (5/27), tipped last week (5/20) and coming as a shock to exactly nobody, Allen's move to rejoin Sony EVP Steve Hodges is now official. He'll be in the building Tuesday (5/31).


» iPhone Update: Grand Ole Opry Coord./Talent Chelsea Reynolds is on the job and can be reached here. Reynolds was formerly BBR Music Group Mgr./Marketing (CAT 5/10), joining the label group from BMG.


» Programming Note: The Country Aircheck offices will be closed Monday (5/30) in observance of Memorial Day. The deadline for reporting adds and Activator playlists has been extended to Tuesday (5/31) at 2pm CT. Country Aircheck Weekly will be delivered Tuesday night.