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"Similar to Sam, we followed up with an EP from Maren and saw two more songs have the same trajectory. Three in a row is a big deal for us.”



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CRS 2016 Daily Buzz (2/8)

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» Share Toppers: Here are select Nielsen Audio diary ratings for Winter 2016 (12/31 - 3/23) for subscribing stations, listed by metro size and compared with their last books. Ranks (in parentheses) are also among subscribers. Have a story for your station inside the overall numbers? Email us here.

  • WWQM 4.7 (6) to 6.0 (5), Mid-West Family
  • WMAD 3.2 (9) to 2.9 (10t), iHeartMedia
Huntsville, AL
  • WDRM 10.5 (1) to 12.3 (1), iHeartMedia
  • WWFF 1.7 (10) to 0.8 (12), Cumulus
Chattanooga, TN
  • WUSY 11.2 (1) to 12.1 (1), iHeartMedia
  • WUUQ 5.5 (6) to 3.0 (9), Bahakel Classic Country
  • WOGT 0.9 (14) to 2.4 (11t), Cumulus
  • WPLZ-HD2 0.5 (17) to 0.8 (16), Brewer
Jackson, MS
  • WUSJ 7.1 (5) to 4.7 (6), New South
  • WMSI 4.8 (6) to 4.3 (7), iHeartMedia
  • WJXN 2.6 (10) to 2.3 (10), New South Classic Country
Shreveport, LA
  • KRMD 3.1 (9t) to 4.3 (3), Cumulus

Certain markets do not appear because the Country stations in those metros aren't subscribers; non-subscribing stations in published markets are also excluded. Unless otherwise noted, all figures are Persons 12+, Monday-Sunday, 6am-midnight.


» Nelson Twins: Former iHeartMediaWFUS/Tampa APD Ryan Nelson has returned to the station as APD/afternoon personality and will also serve as PD of the company's WCTQ/Sarasota, FL. In WFUS afternoons he succeeds Catfish, who segues to middays replacing SVPP/PD Travis Daily, who remains in his programming role. At WCTQ, Nelson succeeds Mike Tyler, who continues as PD of WCKT/Fort Myers. WFUS MD Launa Phillps remains in that role and will assist Daily and Nelson with WFUS and WCTQ programming, respectively. Nelson served as WFUS APD from 2011-12 and can be reached here.


» Yes She Kansy: Cumulus/Shreveport, LA OM andKRMD afternoon personality Julie Kansy has added PD duties for cluster Top 40 KQHN. She joined the cluster from Townsquare's crosstown Country KXKS in late 2014 (CAT 10/15/14), rising to OM three months later (CAT 1/20/15). Reach her here.