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Entercom Station Lineups

Regionalized afternoon shows are the latest update to restructured on-air lineups at Entercom's 18 FM Country stations. In the Eastern RegionWNSH/New York-based Jesse Addy adds afternoons at WKIS/Miami. The Central Region features WYCD/Detroit middayer Sean “Coop” Tabler and night host Sarah Thomas in afternoons there, and at WLFP/Memphis, KMNB/Minneapolis and WDSY/Pittsburgh. Out WestKSON/San Diego based-Kimo Jensen and KFRG/Riverside-based Heather Froglear team for Kimo & Heather on those stations, as well as KMLE/Phoenix, KWJJ/Portland and KKWF/Seattle. As previously reportedNew York-based Katie & Company and Detroit-based Rob & Holly are format-wide in middays and nights, respectively, the lone exception being WDAF/Kansas City middays, which remain local. See the full Entercom lineup below.

Eastern Region (RVPP John Foxx, Brand Mgr. Justin Cole)

  • WUSY/Chattanooga: Cole is PD.

            -Mornings: Ken & Daniel remain.

            -Middays: Formerly Cole.

            -Afternoons: Mo & Styckman remain.

            -Nights: “Cowboy Kyle” Croft remains with the company as Brand Mgr./Programming & Imaging.

  • WKIS/Miami: No PD specified.

            -Mornings: Afternoon personality Dina B. joins Tim “TC” Conlon.

            -Middays: Darlene Evans has departed (CAT 9/14).

            -Afternoons: WNSH/New York-based Jesse Addy takes over for Dina B.

            -Nights: Alan Knight's status is unknown.

  • WPAW/Greensboro: Clay "JD" Walker is PD.

            -Mornings: Dale O’Brian and Chase Matthews remain.

            -Middays: Formerly Walker.

            -Afternoons: Walker succeeds Tami Rumfelt (CAT 9/10).

            -Nights: Formerly tracked by WLFP/Memphis' Marty Brooks (CAT 9/10).

  • WNSH/New York: Foxx is PD.

            -Mornings: Kelly Ford remains.

            -Middays: Katie & Company now on all Entercom stations.

            -Afternoons: Jesse Addy remains.

            -Nights: Mike Allan exited (CAT 9/14).

  • WBEE/Rochester: Bob Barnett is PD.

            -Mornings: Chris KonyaTJ Sharp and Terry Clifford remain.

            -Middays: Formerly Clifford.

            -Afternoons: Billy Kidd remains.

            -Nights: Status of Justine Page is unknown.

  • WGGY/Wilkes-Barre: Mike O'Donnell is PD.

            -Mornings: Doc Medek and Jessie Roberts remain.

            -Middays: No word on the status of Justin Taylor.

            -Afternoons: Crockett remains.

            -Nights: No word on Michael D. White.

Central Region (VP/Country Tim Roberts, Brand Mgr. Marci Braun)

  • WUSN/Chicago: No PD specified.

            -Mornings: Drew Walker remains.

            -Middays: Formerly Braun.

            -Afternoons: Scotty Kay remains.

            -Nights: Previously vacant.

  • WYCD/Detroit: Roberts is PD.

            -Mornings: Rachael And Grunwald In The Morning remain.

            -Middays: Sean “Coop” Tabler moves to afternoons joined by night host Sarah Thomas.

            -Afternoons: Formerly Rob & Holly, now syndicated nationally in nights.

            -Nights: Formerly Thomas.

  • WDAF/Kansas City: PD is Mike Kennedy.

            -Mornings: Codie Allen and Joshua James remain.

            -Middays: Allen continues 10-11am, Ali “Stephens” Tuggle remains 11am-3pm.

            -Afternoons: Shotgun Jackson remains.

            -Nights: Ryan Scott has exited.

  • WLFP/Memphis: Marty Brooks departed as PD (CAT 9/10).

            -Mornings: WUSY/Chattanooga-based Mo & Styckman remain.

            -Middays: Cindy D. remains with the cluster as Dir./Marketing.

            -Afternoons: Tabler & Thomas succeed Brooks.

            -Nights: WDAF/Kansas City-based Codie Allen no longer tracks the shift.

  • KMNB/Minneapolis: No PD specified.

            -Mornings: Greg Thunder and Paul "PT" Thomas remain, Mandy James exited (CAT 9/10).

            -Middays: Chris “Fish” Shatek departed (CAT 9/10).

            -Afternoons: Tabler & Thomas; previously vacant.

            -Nights: Previously vacant.

  • WDSY/Pittsburgh: PD is Mark Anderson

            -Mornings: Stoney RichardsMaria D’Antonio and Kristen Buccigrossi remain.

            -Middays: Previously Buccigrossi.

            -Afternoons: Tabler & Thomas succeed D’Antonio.

            -Nights: Elista Hathaway's status is unspecified.

Western Region (RVPP Kevin Callahan, Brand Mgr. Scott Roddy)

  • KILT/Houston: Chris Huff departed as PD (CAT 9/11).

            -Mornings: George LindsayMonica “Mo” Lunsford and “Cowboy Dave” Bayless remain.

            -Middays: Erin Austin exited (CAT 9/10).

            -Afternoons: Nick Russo remains.

            -Nights: Previously vacant.

  • KMLE/Phoenix: PD Tim Richards departed (CAT 9/10).

            -Mornings: Gunner Jackson and Cheyenne Davis remain.

            -Middays: Jared “Marshall” Goldberg exited (CAT 9/10).

            -Afternoons: Kimo & Heather succeed the departed Nina D. (CAT 9/10).

            -Nights: Status for Serina Perez is unspecified.

  • KWJJ/Portland: Roddy is PD.

            -Mornings: Nick Steele and Kristen Flowers remain.

            -Middays: Previously tracked by KILT/Houston-based Austin.

            -Afternoons: Kimo & Heather succeed the exiting Tim Taylor (CAT 9/11)

            -Nights: Previously vacant.

  • KFRG/Riverside: Callahan is PD.

            -Mornings: Kelli Green and David Bugenske remain, Ginny Harman exited (CAT 9/10).

            -Middays: Kimo & Heather succeed Anthony Donatelli, who transitions to weekends.

            -Nights:  Vicki Pepper remains with the station in an unspecified role.

  • KSON/San Diego: Callahan is PD.

            -Mornings: John Flint and Tammy Lee remain.

            -Middays: Amber Rainey exited (CAT 9/10).

            -Afternoons: Kimo & Heather.

            -Nights: Greg Raneiri departed (CAT 9/10).

  • KKWF/Seattle: No PD specified.

            -Mornings: Matt McAllisterEmily Raines and “Slow Joe” Wallace remain.

            -Middays: DeAnna Lee exited (CAT 9/11).

            -Afternoons: Kimo & Heather succeed the departing Alek Halverson (CAT 9/10).

            -Nights: Previously vacant.