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ACM Submissions Close Today

Today (11/30) is the final day to submit for the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards. The eligibility period is Jan. 1-Nov. 15, 2021; submit here. First round Main Awards voting will be held Jan. 3-10; first round Radio Awards Jan. 3-17; second round Main Awards Jan. 24-31; final round Radio Awards Jan. 24-Feb. 7; and final round Main Awards Feb. 21-28.

The National On-Air Personality of the Year category has been split to recognize both a National Weekly On-Air Personality of the Year and a National Daily Personality of the Year. Additionally, the Studio Recording Awards’ Guitar Player of the Year category is now two awards: Acoustic Guitar Player of the Year and Electric Guitar Player of the Year. The Steel Guitar Player of the Year will now fit into the Specialty Instrument(s) Player of the Year Award category. The ACM has also updated the voting security protocols with a double-authentication process through a mobile number.