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Boxer Steps Down From iHeartCustom Afternoons

iHeartMedia WCOL/Columbus afternoon personality Brandon “Boxer” Nasby is stepping away from his role as a national iHeartCustom talent with The Boxer Show to focus on his local duties, which also include mornings on Talk sister WTVN-AM as Brandon Boxer. “I was one of the OGs to start this trailblazing opportunity for the company, and it’s been an amazing ride, but after 12-plus years, I felt it was time to push new boundaries and endeavors,” shares Nasby here. He says he has signed a new two-year deal with the company that will include a development opportunity to create and launch a collection of podcasts while “balancing out family and work life.” Nasby has been heard on WCOL for more than two decades and has been with the company for 23 years. He launched the syndicated version of The Boxer Show via the iHeartCustom platform in April 2009. No word on who will succeed him for iHeartCustom afternoons. Reach Nasby here