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Nielsen/Eastlan Add, Drop Markets

How Rate Thou ArtNielsen Audio will cease measurement in three markets: Greenville, NC (Market No. 99), Visalia, CA (109) and Sunbury, PA (214). The latter two markets received two books per year, which means last Fall's survey is now their last; Greenville received monthly reports, which will conclude with next month's March release. Sunbury had been measured since 2016 and Visalia since 1994, while then-Arbitron started surveying Greenville in 1978.

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Subsequently, Eastlan has announced it will begin surveying the Greenville, NC market starting with its monthly April reports. That month it will also add Albany, GA (Nielsen Market No. 227) to its roster of markets, and will increase surveys for Waco, TX (No. 190) from an annual Fall survey to monthly reports.


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