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Reve-News: Beasley reported Q2 2022 net revenues of $64.8 million, up 8.8% from the same period last year. Operating income stood at a loss of $4.5m, due mostly to an increase in the discount rate used to estimate the value of FCC licenses; operating income was $5.8m the prior year. The company reported net loss of $14.5m, compared to net income of $200,000 Q2 2021. Audio revenue increased 4.3%, while digital revenue increased 34.3%. “We are keeping a close eye on the declining economic environment and initiated cost reductions beginning in the second quarter," says CEO Caroline Beasley.

Townsquare reported a Q2 2022 net revenue increase of 13.6% to $121.9 million from the previous year's $107.3m. Adjusted EBITDA increased 6.8% from $30.3m to $32.4m. The company saw net income of $4.9m, compared to $10.1m last year. Digital net revenue increased 20.7% from $49.9m to $60.2m. "Our performance clearly demonstrates the strength and differentiation of our digital businesses and our legacy broadcast business," says CEO Bill Wilson. Details here.

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