IRS Nashville Shutters:

Continuing the year-end label purge, IRS Nashville shuttered Friday (12/11) after more than two years in operation. President John Grady launched the Nashville branch (CAT 10/23/13) in conjunction with Caroline, the independent services division of Capitol Music Group. VP/Promotion Tom Moran joined to head promotion late last year (12/11/14), as did regionals Gwen Foster and Will Robinson (CAT 12/16/14). Artists Striking Matches, Muddy Magnolias and Marc Scibilia will be reassigned within CMG. Outgoing staff contacts:

  • VP/Promotion Tom Moran: 615-429-2337 or here.
  • Dir./West Coast Gwen Foster: 480-495-2209 or here.
  • Dir./East Coast Will Robinson: 813-205-3355 or here.
  • Coord./Promotion Amber Anderson: 850-621-4663 or here.
  • Nat'l. Dir./A&R Chris York remains with the company at 615-491-4819 or here