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Loba Rises To Pres./Frontline Recordings, North America

Walk The Frontline: “We have created something special with our artists in Nashville," says newly elevated BMG Pres./Frontline Recordings, North America Jon Loba. "I am excited at the opportunity to apply the timeless formula we have employed there – genuine partnership with authentic new artists – to BMG’s broader North American recorded business."

Loba’s additional responsibilities include the Rise (Spiritbox, Sum 41) and RBC (Chief Keef, Run The Jewels) imprints as well as the main BMG label. He first joined Broken Bow in 2001 before departing to launch Valory in 2007 (CAT 11/2/07), returning to BBRMG as SVP in 2011 (CAT 1/31/11) and continuing with the company as EVP following its acquisition by BMG in 2017 (CAT 1/30/17). He rose to Pres. in 2020 (CAT 11/19/20) and added publishing duties in 2022 (CAT 5/3/22); reach him here.

Additionally, BMG Pres./Repertoire & Marketing, Los Angeles & New York Thomas Scherer rises to Pres./Global Catalog Recordings. He retains his responsibilities as Pres./Music Publishing, North America.


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